Maybe I’ll be on a TV show like “1000 Ways to Die,”

All this insensitivity just makes me insecure and want to self-validate by using a cool rhyme like cry,

I know sometimes rhymes are common but I try,

I just wrongfully told my mom to “shush” aggressively so she doesn’t interfere with my one wine glass spontaneity,

I haven’t drank in awhile and must tell you so I’m not viewed as a “light-weight” so I can self-validate,

This ego culture I hate,

People sarcastically say on TV that “money doesn’t buy happiness,” and then say “but hey, you may want some nice surroundings” …..

They can rub it in your face,

Because they know you’re scared of their power.. 

They may bribe desperate people to do whatever.. 

They know it’s not fair but haven’t cultivated conscious care,

To some extent we’ve all been there,

But we know,

Wherever we are,

There’s always elsewhere,

A place with,

True care

Happy New Year!!

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