Every.. Day..

Every day,
In whatever level of predictable to unpredictable way,
No team spirit,
And bad energy comes my way,

On worse than typical days,
I struggle to NOT react in life-threatening ways..
Maybe that’s hyperbole?
But honestly..
The bad energy just gets me..

And although I got my second write up for being late,
The lack of morale,
The lack of support to make what’s hard,
At least a little less hard.. I sometimes,

It’s a challenge,
For me,
Not being able to change,
The aggression, negativity,
Whatever levels and forms of bad energy,
Which I,



One thought on “Every.. Day..

  1. Zach,

    Your honest reflections about life are intense, sometimes hard to hear. I am impressed by your ability to put these struggles into words. I’ve felt discouraged too at times about people.

    With appreciation for your words, thanks


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