While loading carts on New Year’s Eve,

After most customers aren’t sincerely responding “happy new year” if responding at all..

After gently tossing a bag of GARDEN VEGGIE STRAWS, 

into the cart,

The insecure unhappy woman exclaims..“Are you kidding me!??”,

Then says,



seemingly to me.. 

Then I say,

“I think you should chill out”,

Then she’s like,

“Really Zach!!?”

Then walks up to my face,

Then wins her power trip, 

due to my hypersensitivity, 

and learning disability,

So I also helped her insatiable ego have a temporary high (or not..), 

by being someone to bully..


I went to get her another item as a replacement,

Came back,

Then she said “shouldn’t there be two?”

Then I rushed back,

Then she insincerely said “thank you”,

And I got lucky,

Because of the possibility,

Of her bullying me,

Could have become..

I would’ve got sent to an institution of daily bullying..


It is what it TRAGICALLY is..

Just research..


Freakin people working the register aggressively joke with me..

Like saying,

“I’m going to beat you up”,


“Are you trying to kill me!!?”



Happy new year man..

At least we still haven’t blown it,

Regardless of the capability we don’t have the confidence to utilize..

At least we’re still here..

At least..

F*ck it..

I’ll just post this..

Thanks for reading,

Happy new year,

Glad we’re still here

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