“Oh yes, ‘it’s Magic’”

I feel that this genre can be categorized as..,

Here’s something I tried wording coherently:

He came in,
Showed me around,
Politely introduced me..,
Insisted I have a drink,
Then another,
And I felt,
And then thought,
“He’s a brother”,

He failed to fake it..,
He can be honest about his inner and external life experience(s) if he chooses..,

He told me he..,
Voted for a guy whose name rhymes with bump,
And hearing his name reminded me of hummus..,

He insisted to create for me a “Tinder”,
Said I first needed to be on “Facebook”,
Said someone “called the cops on me”..,
In the MIDDLE of April..,
I then felt I could never spot sufficient honesty,
Could NOT tell if lots of what he told me was lying compulsively self-entertainingly without awareness of the psychological (and/or inner stressful physiological) effects it was having on me??
Such as once again,
Not being able to trust peers who “included” me..,


Speaking figuratively..,
I remained in the passenger’s seat..,
Strapped in,

Someone told me that someone else thought his name was “Aladdin”,
And I eventually thought..,
“What would someone think of me if they thought that I thought that”..?

I was surrounded by colors,
Micro-protests and emotional expressions..,

And surrounded by..,
Prescribed and recreational levels of self-medication(s)..,
I just found all the literal and theoretical JUGGLING confusing,
I felt a need for a different kind of awareness blossoming,

I was way back then..,
Trying to find “friends”..,
Based on my past personal present interpretations..,
Made unusual decisions,

And I’m like..?
More recently..,
What is real..?
And what is magic..?

And I guess..?
Speaking figuratively and/or within my imagination..,
If I had a magic carpet,
I would have..,
Flew away from my past emotional pain,
Sprinkled magic dust,
Wherever I must,
To clear the hate,
Safely relate,
And increase and remember to increase inner peaceful survival awareness..,
That’ll expand and expand,
To every sentient being who chooses to identify as anything my magic may also help it to..,
Open to inclusive interconnected team effort inner peaceful healing for external peace increasing that’s longer and longer lasting..,

With the hope of life feeling,


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