Behind the Bodycam

Can’t even keep track of the amount of ZERO understanding and straight up hate the police body cams produce,
(Such as what I remember from the YouTube comments..),
In my obsessive opinion..,
You can never judge what someone has been through NOR is going through by bodycam footage,
Yes, yes yes..,

I feel that hopefully it’s obvious there’s a vastly bigger picture that can be offered behind the bodycam..,

And yes,
I feel,
That goes for BOTH the person(s) being arrested including those doing the arresting,

I guess,
May more try to “give” cultivating compassion “a chance”


(Source: (No particular citation format: quote from a song by John Lennon), Song: “Give Peace a Chance”, (1969), Album: “Give Peace a Chance / Remember Love”, YouTube channel username: “johnlennon”, Link (if it’s the right one):