I was being tailgated in the left lane with no traffic in other lanes left and right, Staying sane in isolation has been a fight, I get triggered in response to looking at disrespectful gestures in the rearview mirror, I then lower the window and stick out the middle finger, Then the older couple follows me even harder, right after they return the finger WAY crazier,

Then my anger turns into sadness that resurfaces.. Such as past bullying experiences,

Then the man gives me a good ole tough love teaching as we slow and look at each other through the window, He points his finger at me continuously aggressively, His wife shames me painfully,

I didn’t hear him and the woman but his vile look is still with me vividly, It’s covid, They judged and hated me as expectedly..

It was good I let them go, I would’ve easily lost the fight,

Where’s the light ? Where’s the light ? All the possibilities of that incident fill me with fright, I don’t know if leaving my mom’s house will make me and others more alright..?

The two elders sped off.. I continued south then over the Cuomo bridge slowly in the right

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