Statute of What??

Since it was not realized,
I was damaged by,
what the insurance companies made my mom take (Phenergan),
to save themselves money instead of paying for the IV which would also (if not better) treated her morning sickness and would NOT have given me autism..

And since my condition..
Was not diagnosed or clearly realized until AFTER the 2.5 “Statute of limitations” period was over,
Since I STILL painfully struggle ongoingly with my condition..
Is it fair to me..
If I weren’t to sue to just get some kind financial assistance for survival..?

Since I have been contaminated by the mainstream fearful culture of apathy..
I still need,
To reread,
The US Constitution,
and then continue reading,
the next 17 amendments after the Bill of Rights,
But aside from the constitution,
Is “Statute of limitations”.. fair for ME!!?
Since I always suffer from this condition, whether it’s bullying, lack of support, resulting insecurity..

And since I’m honestly not out to judge or punish people,
Can those who damaged me,
To save money..
Help me..?
If ever I’m homeless.. In prison, a ward.. or wherever..?


I still have often been feeling hopeless..

Incase I’m ever like freakin dying somewhere,
Can the insurance and I guess drug companies share,
Some monetary leftovers..?
Or for me,
Would it be over completely..?


Happy holidays,

My Christmas wish,
Is to have what I need,
Internally and/or externally,
To suffer less,
And I guess,
We could all use that?
Especially those who gave me this painful ongoing life mess..

Although if the inner roots of our problems go unchecked..
Well.. I’d guess..
we won’t solve them ever by seeking another check?
And well,
Although we probably know this,
I guess,
As for how we’re internally feeling,
Maybe most of us,
Especially myself,
do more checking??

As for advocating for myself,
I’ve been naturally conditioned by powerful mainstream unconscious impulsive forces,
To not investigate..

But regardless of what any law says,
I’ll still continue express myself,
Regardless of how well I advocate..

I’ll probably revise this,

Happy Holidays

One thought on “Statute of What??

  1. Happy Holidays, Zach. Yes, statutes of limitations are unfair. Your writings are valuable, Zach, for teaching others to know what injustice feels like.


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