Happy Holidays

What I learned from my parents,
was to question,
They taught me,
the importance of developing myself,
the way I see fit,
To be as fit,
in whatever ways that I most clearly,
As many of us seem to say,
“see fit”,

My parents taught me,
To seek my own truth,
Instead of trying to indoctrinate me into their beliefs,
Instead of trying so hard,
To make me into something I never gravitated towards,
My parents gave me,
Great additional freedom and privilege,
To the freedom and privilege,
I’ve already been granted,
Which has been fought for,
And passed down to me,
Regardless of any horrific imperfections..
Which must NOT be overlooked as well,
Which is ALSO why,
My parents taught me,
Quite well,

My parents taught me,
the importance of being kind to myself,
As a stepping stone for internally building,
and understanding how to be kind,
For also,
being kind to others,

My parents taught me,
the importance of being aware,
To avoid toxic systems of unawareness,

As for more emphasis,
My parents did their very best,
To make me equipped for protecting myself,
and stay my safest,
Instead of being what I view as a “victim”, a “sucker”,
Instead of being (as I say) a jerk,
Who just looks to join systems that kill, oppress,
torture and exploit others,

My parents taught me,
At least the importance,
Of being a sensitive,
peaceful person,
For myself,
and whichever sentient others,

My parents taught me,
That success,
Is so,
So much deeper,
Than my type of career,
Place of living,
Amount of material goods,
Whatever harmful pseudo determinants of regarding ourselves as truly “worthy”,

My parents taught me,
Aside from their super-awesome supportive courage for me,
As opposed to what the school administration and pharmaceutical industry saw as “fit for me”,
That I’m instead,
a human being with real needs,
worthy of conscious consideration,
If anything,
That my true essence,
Is far deeper,
Than my label level of “autism” (formally known as “Asperger’s Syndrome”),

As for some (if not all) of the the above stanzas,
My parents taught me,
That however I was judged,
by whichever others or system,
My true nature,
As all ours are (according to me),
Is far deeper,
Far grander,
Than any institutional,

Although my parents,
are also human,
They taught me,
The importance,
Of staying safe,
in a dysfunctional system,
Of systems,
Of however more nuanced,
Interconnected different dysfunctional, individually limiting systems,

My parents taught me,
To have compassion,
To realize that,
although people may do evil,
When it comes down to it,
Underneath horrific evil behavior,
Sentient oneness,
Can STILL be found,

My parents gave me,
Positive energy,
In a word dominated my suspicion, anger,
Whatever darkness others suffer from in themselves,
and inflict onto others,

My parents taught me,
To always be kind towards myself,
To remember,
That I’m also a human,
I’m also just AS important,
as any other,
“Very Important Person”,

As I said before in “words can’t describe”,
Words still cannot describe,
How grateful I am,
For the support, closeness, empathy and understanding my parents offered,
When most peers and whichever others,
And did whatever harm towards me,

What my parents implicitly taught me,
Is how lucky,
I am to have them as parents,
Because if my parents were different,
(Similar to what I said in “Words Can’t Describe”),
Because I’m autistic,
I may have been shut down on medication,
Put in a special school,
Developed worse conditions,
and could have wound up,
in whichever very bad (however lucrative or not) institution(s),

Of course,
Among any other potential horrifying misfortunes,
may still happen,
But regardless of my true success,
My parents,
really helped me,
And supported me,
In this experience,

What I learned,
from my parents,
Is how my behavior,
not only affects myself,
But all those around me,

Aside from all else that’s coming to me,
as I write this sincerely,
I’m grateful far beyond,
Any real,
Honest expression may clearly express,

To gratefully acknowledge,
The above stanzas,
are some of the many blessings my parents provided for me,
It’s what I’ve been blessed to have been taught to me,
The lessons I’ve been blessed,
I have took from their teaching, nurturing,
That may always help me,

And aside from my other post,
Regarding gratitude for my parents,
As you may have guessed,
This is another reason,
Why I feel,
To have been,



Merry Christmas mom and dad,

Happy holidays,

To all

6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. GREAT TRIBUTE to your parents, Zach. Beautifully written. It is a testimony to your heart and your ability. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year for you and your family.


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