Most Practical

Instead of saying,
“That’s not what I meant”,
They (meaning any others..),
can instead,
Kindly repeat or rephrase,
what they meant,

Instead of saying,
“I’m going to beat you up”,
Even if they’re aggressively joking towards me,
In response to me unintentionally doing something wrong,
Could kindly,
Let their frustration,
In response to my learning challenges like paying attention,
Instead of unconsciously reacting to their inner frustration,
Then blasting it towards me,
Causing me to pay attention,
Even less clearly,
Causing the success of whatever team work procedure,
To be.. well.. LESS LIKELY,
At least for team spirit..
And as for all that distracting negativity..
Why not..
Join collectively to..
Clear it??
Cleanse it,
Whatever is the best way to put it..
Why not cleanse what’s inwardly holding us back,
To have clearer and clearer inner clarity for reaching and discovering infinite capability,
Whatever that may be,
Most practically,

Instead of aggressively asking,
“Are you trying to kill me?”
They could correct me,
If they were taught,
Or I guess..
It they had experiences that gave them motivation,
To experience MORE of the good spirit energy..
That is NOT consumed, filled and blinded by toxic negativity,
Regardless of the actual reality,

No matter the reality of negativity,
Don’t need to react with more negative energy,

Even if we have the most painful death imaginable as the reality,
More negative energy,
Will just add more,
And help us cope less,
With whatever painful inevitability,

Instead of aggressively asking..
“Did you not just hear me!!?”
They can kindly repeat themselves,

As for where most of our collective awareness seems to be at..
I wouldn’t expect most to get it..
Like I feel it,
Since they blocked it out,
Because it’s been blocked out before them,
And that blocking out of awareness was..
I would guess..
Unconscious and instinctual for survival,


I guess enough of our species now sufficiently understands..
We can do more,
If we understand a process,
For the inner healing process,
To process,
Break down,
Have our overall conscious awareness,
And needed thinking ability,

Instead of saying..
In a non-urgent context..
“Shut your mouth”,
They can say,
“I understand why you feel that way”,
If the context is urgent and the fewest words thinkable are required..
Instead of reprimanding someone,
Instead of giving them a criticism with zero guidance on another step on another path to follow to feel better,
Maybe instead,
They can remind whoever they are frustrated with,
As well as themselves,

Instead of aggressively exclaiming/asking.. (Or mostly exclaiming..),
“What is wrong with you!!!?”
They can say,
“I feel that way too”,
Or hopefully offer,
A helpful suggestion,
such as..
“Here’s something I would do”..

Instead of saying,
“Stop being a pussy”,
Maybe.. just maybe,
They can realize,
If they themselves cultivated healing/cleansing awareness,
They’ll more likely ALSO feel better internally,
They’ll more likely ALSO be less weighed down by stressful excessive negativity,
They’ll more likely ALSO be able to think,
And however experience,
Far more fulfillingly,
At least..
The positives will be MORE LIKELY,
As I would guess,

Instead of saying,
“You need to have thick skin”,
They can empathically say,
That true strength,
Starts with inhaling,
And gradual cleansing within..
And of course,
If there’s not enough time to say all that..
I guess,
They can say,
“Notice your breath”,
Because how is telling me what I need to,
Have, feel, experience, process, internally cleanse, etc..
Without suggesting to me a clear step to take towards attaining it,
Going to help me further attain it??

Instead of calling someone a…
Maybe we can join together,
And acknowledge our different world views,
While emotionally processing our demons,
In a way we can agree that we all see fit,
So we’ll more likely be able,
To work together,
To be there for each other,
To more and more selflessly,
Figure out practical ways,
To reduce what makes us suffer..

Instead of letting judgments from others harm ourselves,
I guess,
We can try more and more to detach from the painful feelings the judgements give us,
To let them pass through or over us without them filling us,
Whatever others negatively,
Or I guess,
Cruelly think or believe that may..
Or may not be true to whatever extent(s),
We can just do our best to consistently PRACTICE,
Detaching from HARMFUL ego proving,
And clear our excessive,
Narrow vision,
Of a “need” for ego “security” or “certainty”,
And be free from EXCESSIVE,
not needed,
pointless expectation,
And enjoy the fun stuff that won’t kill us,
Instead of focusing so much on..

But I know,
I struggle as well,
Just hope we struggle less,
And feel better more,

And regardless of what’s inevitable,
As we go on and on in whatever direction(s) we decide,
With all that is new that comes our way,
In whatever ways..,
I guess it’s just important to remember,
To keep asking ourselves,

What is most practical?

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