Energy Overload

My thoughts and feelings are overtaking me,
Like a tsunami,
An avalanche,
A powerful current,
That overwhelms and disorients me internally,

There’s so much I want to write down,
So much I want to share,
So much I want others to hear,

I’m becoming less and less clear,

Presently speaking,
The more I think,
The more I lose my ability to clearly think,
For reasons such as that,
I lose myself in thought,

Intense inner energy,
Such as,
Thought overload,
More likely makes me,
become unclear,

The intensity overtakes me,
And sometimes causes me,
To lose center inwardly,
Drastically increasing vulnerability,
Such as becoming an even easier target,
For others’ unconscious insatiable egos to control me,

The less clear I am,
The more unaware,
And less alert I am,

And the less,
I can clearly express,
What I feel I need for others to hear,
Especially in moments of distress,

I now must check in,

So I find myself again,
And consciously step out of,
And safely witness,
the current of energy intensity,
As it passes through me

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