Only so Much

In my belief(s),

There’s only much others can do,
There’s only so much I can do,

So as what I can’t change,
No matter how cliché,
This may be,
I feel I must remind myself,

To surrender,
Because more pressure,
To me,
Feels to be,
More inner pain,

That more likely details me,
And jeopardizes,
The capability,
From ever being accessed,
From ever being utilized,

Yet I feel I must realize,
In addition that I believe,
It can infinitely,
Be better,

I’ll miss out,
I’ll be shut down,
To certain extents,

And that’s okay,
Even if I ever thought it wasn’t,
In some way,
I hope,
I’m okay,

I try,
To surrender,
To what I can’t control,
On the way,
In whatever,


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