Beneath the Surface

Regardless of intentions,
Even if something that I (for example),
On the surface,
Also comes from an inner place,
That’s as shallow as can be,
On the surface,

(Such as surface level values, surface level communication, of a surface level perpetuating culture..(?)),

I still feel that,
As for however I may expand my appreciation of that,
I feel as for (including that and whatever else like that),
That there may be,
Some deeper appreciation,
Or as for whatever I witness,
That can be accessed,
Deeper and deeper,
Beneath the surface,

So I guess something I’m trying to say,
Is that even if something did NOT come from a deep place,
I can still appreciate it in a DEEP place,
And vice versa,

Or whatever the case,


And well..,
As for just one example (that may be a little off topic (?))..,
Maybe that could be an insult,
That comes from their surface level awareness..,
(Or wherever),
And that,
Our deeper awareness reminds us that..,
A part of them (however accessed, presently manifested or not),
Does NOT actually mean that


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