Whenever I do it, It’s a Problem

I just wanted to obsessively post with that title..,

I feel there’s so much double standards..,
I’ll try to talk and interact in a certain way,
Yet I feel,
There’s always so much stuff I’m just NOT allowed to say..,

And others may be better at hiding it,
Yet regardless,
Whenever I try,

I so often feel,
That’s there’s just..,

Something wrong with it..,

Yet a part of me is just like..,
Is just like,
Regardless of whatever they think,
Regardless of however they interact with me,
I’m going to try living more freely,
And just keep being me in the most PRACTICAL ways I see,

So f*ck them,
If they NEVER accept me,

I’ll keep trying to (also),
Further and further,
That inner peaceful,
Chill warrior in me,

However literally and/or spiritually interconnected we may be..(?),
They exist externally,
So I’m going to try keeping at,

What I view is best,
For me,


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