While Conveying It

I often struggle,
At looking inwardly,
When emanating energy externally,
(As for whatever that may be(?)),

Yet of course since I believe what I develop internally,
Is the source of what I give off externally,

Maybe the more clear inner peaceful power I cultivate and sustain inwardly,
Will help me out,
(Even if I’m not PRECISELY aware),
Of whatever I’m conveying,

While conveying it,


And as for what I wrote here,
Maybe I’ll (at different points) not understand it and/or be less clear(?),
As for (as they say) “wherever I’m at”,
I hope that,
In some way,
(Even if it’s a FAR more shallow way),
I hope,
That whatever I may try to express,
(Such as in writing),
At least help me,
In some,

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