Critical Awareness

Not to immensely speak for others,
Yet I just needed to express that I feel:

If people use their freedom to act like out of control idiots,
Instead of using their opportunity to offer something,
That’ll deeply positively help human functioning,

If people use their freedom,
In ways that give others (who usually can NOT think rationally) a BAD impression,
That just may give them IRRATIONAL excuses to,
“Justify” oppression,
Such as depriving us,
Of our NEED,
For free,


And well,
If there’s a deeper focus,
On developing critical awareness,
Then well,
Maybe I’d feel LESS of an obsessive need,
To post this,


I feel critical awareness,
Is critical,
For sustaining and improving,
Civilized functioning..,

And well,
Thanks for reading this

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