Will I be Ready?

Will I be ready?
Will I have enough ability?
To let go,
If and when all my writing including what I shared and worked so hard on,
Such as examples and points of view,
Of what I been through,
All gets eradicated,
All becomes wiped out,
All just becomes completely gone..,
Making it impossible for anyone to know anything,
About my unique experiences with autism,
About all the work I did on myself that many may never have expected of me..,
About how I’m more than someone with a “disability”,
And the important lessons I’ve learned from my experiences,
Which I hoped for others to remember..,

Will I be ready?
If and when,
(Including this post here),
Happens to vanish?

How will I handle it?
Will I completely lose it?
(Of course),
If and when I see myself losing all of it,

I try NOT to get too attached,
To what I view as inevitably impermanent,

I believe what’s important,
Is important to document,
I still believe,
It’s all impermanent,

I’m NOT ready to let go,
Of all and/or lots of the writing that I worked hard at,

I’m not ready..,

Yet if and when,
I “lose it all”,

Will I be ready ?
Will I have properly taken the steps necessary ?
To prepare myself,
Consciously ?


I feel there’s just,
So much,

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