Percentage of the Time

I agree that,
As they say,
There’s a,
“Time and Place”,
For everything,
So I feel it’s time,
In this online place,
In this (as of right here, right now) internet safe space,
That I share,
More of what I feel a need,
To put out there..,


I feel that,
Many people feel a NEED for damaging pain,
For whatever reasons,
Such as due to building up pain tolerance(?),
Such as due to feeling they “deserve” it..(?),
Or however they may look and describe their experience(s) of it..(?),

And I feel so many others,
Feel a need,
To give pain to others,
Such as trying to make up for insecurity..,
And/or whatever the infinite explanations might be..(?),

To me it seems:
Some are sadistic(?),
Others both..(?),
Which I guess referring to an individual,
Aside from the situation,
That’ll be..,
Or can I also say..(?),
Or does the fancy word “sadomasochism” pertain to a specific context like one that is sexual (for example(?))..,
Can I like..,
Broaden the context..?
I do NOT see why NOT..(?),
Oh whatever..,

I guess(?),
A point I hope to make sufficiently CLEAR is that..,

We all have dark sides,
What percentage is the dark side manifesting?

Just asking what I feel is needed for considering..,

I struggle to find and REMAIN in surroundings,
Where it’s easier for me to find,
And sustain,
Most of the time..,

Yet I feel I just..,

Keep trying,

I feel,
Of course,
No one is perfect,
And that,
There’s a time and a place for everything,
And I believe it is crucial,
To be aware,
Of what is,


I guess(?) we may feel stuck in a certain place a percentage of the time,
And we may experience,
and/or act,
and/or respond,
A certain,
Percentage of the time,


And I hope,
We’re sufficiently aware,
A sufficient,
Time percentage,

I feel,
There’s infinite possible forms of craziness,
In any percentages,
And well,
Regardless of whatever and wherever I can NOT avoid,
I hope for growing peace,


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