Why I let it Happen

I told my dad how my friend repeatedly made me buy him lunch and throw out everyone’s garbage,
And that was a causing factor of depression,
That gave the school administration,
And whichever for-profit drug institution,
A “justification”,
To try to put me on heavy loads of medication,

And my dad wondered why he did NOT hear about the bullying,
Since he said he would have told my “friend’s” mom..,

And I told him a reason that,
I did NOT tell anyone,
Was because I wanted to “keep it cool”,

Since he was one of my only “friends” who’d accept me..,
Or maybe he then wanted to hang out with my step-brother and I just happened to be there?

Like I said in “friendship Stockholm syndrome”,
Sometimes the only friends I feel I can find,
Are those who want to feel control over me in order for their egos to feel a sense of superiority..,

And in order to NOT “kill the vibe”,
I just thought I’d decide,
To not tell anyone,

And well..,
Especially since I did NOT know how to let it go,
And since I’m struggling to let it go,
It just is now,
Coming out,
In writing

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