Constant Threats

I WISH that I did NOT feel that there were so many threats to my survival,
Such as “treatments” I may get forced,
By a force that does NOT seek to help me,
Yet seeks to insatiably increase its dominant authority,

I constantly worry about getting pressured into,
And/or convinced about proceeding down a path that is dangerous for me,
Such as one far likely to drastically reduce my life expectancy,
Whether it’s a court order to undergo a continual type of treatment,
Whether it’s a contract I’m forced to sign and/or follow..,
It’s just,
The more I remember to try to properly follow at least some viable awareness practice,
The more I hopefully sufficiently safely spot,
Whichever survival threats I encounter and may be conceivable,

Ohh I wish for it to become LESS and LESS of a struggle

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