Safe Regulation

Even the scientists feel I don’t have enough “swag”,
I’ll even be told by a stereotypically awkward community that I’m “not cool enough” repeatedly,

And of course how true is it externally?
And how much am I at internal war presently?
And how much am I distracted by assuming what others are assuming about me?

Maybe the scientists can analyze me?
Maybe they can give me medication to never “kill the vibe” again,
Maybe they’ll help with my socially awkward “predisposition” to not make anyone even slightly uncomfortable at whichever social function..?

Yet who is trying to really help me and who wants to feel greater authority?

Will someone take this personally?
Hack into my blog and try to profoundly slander me..?
To whatever micro if not macro degree!?

Ohh I’m just baffled constantly,
And once again I wish my inner chemical emotions become LESS and LESS triggered so nothing too crazy explodes out of safe regulation,

I just never totally get the equation


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