Launching Position

Similar to what I said in my post titled “Letting it Settle”,
If I kindly confront those who attack me..,
Like saying,
“Please don’t talk to me disrespectfully”,
I feel that they WILL have a NASTY COMEBACK,

Being a nice guy just does NOT seem to be helping me,
And I ALSO feel that it is IMMORAL to step on others while climbing up any hierarchical ladder (or I guess Pyramid..(?)),

Since those days of me being a pushover are over,
Since too many people above me have NOT fairly given back the respect I have given them,
I just might have to report this certain warehouse manager,
To HR,

Instead of how I was in my past,
It is TIME I try to become STRONGER,
And NOT take shit any longer..,

Regardless of whatever happens,
I just feel that I WILL feel more free,
If I do NOT just let others step on me,
Why shut down to some scumbag authority!?


Of course,
To make it more clear why I get “overly offended” by little shit,
It’s because I struggle to let go of so many memories of people being just straight up nasty to me,
So that’s WHY I may sometimes get VERY offended by even the smallest forms of what I interpret as meanness..,

And well,
It does frustrate me,
That EVEN others who may DEEPLY understand this,
Will still be mean to me,
Will still act carelessly impatiently..,
Will use me to blast their misery..,
That I did NOT cause OBVIOUSLY!!

I’m just,
Done taking bullshit..,

And oh man..,
If I go to HR..,
I’m just going to have so much more to write about..,
I’ll just have to be ready,
For WAR,

Yeah peace I believe in ideally,
And I ALSO fail constantly,
So if need be,
I tried to write my complaints succinctly,
So I have a missal stored in my GOOGLE DOCUMENTS,
Ready in launching position,
And will fire the letter to HR,
To fire at that store manager if he keeps taking out his anger on me..,

Staying peaceful hasn’t stayed easy

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