What ALSO Matters

Hey man..,
I just want to say,
After all of my craziness,
In addition to what you also go through,
I just wanted to deeply thank you,
For still being there for me,
Such as reminding me,
Of the importance of NOT letting the memories of what those other fucks did to me,
Prevent me,
From moving on with the life I see most fit for me,

In times I needed it the most,
You’d respond to me,
In ways that helped me,
Which I feel is,
Something that most others..,
Weren’t able to do properly,

They couldn’t even send one fucking message to me..,
Even some who said they were “brothers for life”..,
They just flew the fuck outta my life..,
Fuck em,
I don’t need em,

And I feel that sadly,
Too many just made shit worse for me..,
Such as that Romanian drunken composer,
Unhinged karate kid who choke slammed the funny kid,
And let’s not forget that Alhaddin looking narcissistic actor..,
Dumza hum laden..,
Ohh have I forgotten..,

I will NOT forget,
Stuff like that and WORSE,
In order,
To move ahead,
And stay the fuck outta my head 👍👍

Yet UNlike ALL those others,
In moments when I needed to be just heard,
You’d listen,
With ZERO insults NOR sadistic criticism,

Knowing what and all I needed in those moments of need,
Has most certainly,
Helped prevent me,
From spirling dangerously,

Fuck those who didn’t even bother to message me,
Of course “who am I to judge”..,
But most importantly,
Those shitheads who wronged me,
Remain in the distant past,
That I’m forgetting increasingly,


Even though I would guess(?),
That it’s more powerful to say less,
I just have so much to say,
That words,
I feel,
Just can never be pieced together in a satisfying enough way,
To express how grateful and reassured I feel,
That I still get to hear from ya to this day,
Among others who are still good to me when I’m just acting not okay,

You do NOT egotistically use my excessive manic emotional reactive vulnerability against me,
You know how to handle me,
And well,
I therefore feel I also MUST say,
I deeply feel,
And to keep it REAL,
Your life as a police officer,

And those,
Are some of the many reasons why,
I felt a need to try to,

Thank you

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