Maybe this is Clear, Maybe it’s Not

Since I’ve been labeled at age five as “on the spectrum”,
Just thought I’d talk about and/or attempt to repeat (hopefully clearer.. if not just (in another way) re-mention) points I’ve already tried to make..,
Such as in my post “Can’t Define Me” which I posted here to on January 14th, 2022),

So therefore I presently understand I feel that:

Whether “on the spectrum” or not,
Whether one is “more sensitive” than the other or not,
I presently believe,
That our emotional capacity,
Is mostly affected,
By how we’ve (to whatever degree consciously or unconsciously) reacted and/or have been shaped by experiences that of course,
Impacted us emotionally..,

For example,
Did we try to suppress painful emotions within ourselves,
Causing us to become more closed-off emotionally within ourselves including towards others trying to emotionally be heard..?

As for an antithetical (or directly opposite..(?)) example..,
Did intense emotional experiences teach us how to make peace within when the strong emotions would arise within us(?),
That may also have given us an ability,
To help others find peace when struggling emotionally..,
Since what’s within ourselves (such as emotional awareness or UNawareness),
I feel,
Can also be passed onto others surrounding us..,

So honestly..,
Even if those on the “autism spectrum” may be regarded as having greater “emotional sensitivity”,
I feel a much MORE significant developing/changing “emotional capacity” determining factor,
One’s repeated emotional responses to various experiences shaping their emotional character..,

And I don’t even know if what I tried to say up there was clear..,


And to be honest,
I believe that (for example) how one tended to react to his/her/theirs geographic and/or social environment over a long period of time,
Is largely what shaped (and continues to at least somewhat shape) that sentient being’s present emotional capacity..,

For example,
Surviving intense climatic conditions giving us physical survival skills WHILE ALSO types of emotional responses that we may respond to in ways that develop who we emotionally become..,
How our ancestors developed,
Emotional/behavioral traits causing emotional reactions within us THAT we uniquely react to shaping us over our emotionally changing lifespan..(?),
Including surrounding others,
Who (for example),
May or may not have felt a need to force us a level of medication however frequent or not..,
And/or who may have properly felt a need to guide us on an inner peaceful development path,
However frequently or not..,

Maybe this is clear,
Maybe it’s not..?

And well (I feel) this also (of course) includes systems of dominant underlying emotional capacities that developed over time..,
Such as (if I remember correctly) what I additionally tried discussing in my posts titled “Traumatized Hierarchy” (posted here on January 28th, 2022) and “Post-Traumatic Culture” (posted here on August 28th, 2022)..,
Yet maybe this post here (I hope..) can be another way to view dominant and/or an individual’s changing emotional capacities..,


For example,
Are we part of an organized “path of emotional and spiritual development for cultivating more truly compassionate human beings”..?
Is the path to “truth” to block out emotion in order to not feel bad while killing others who are allegedly “evil”..,


And I apologize if the above was controversial (and therefore may remove it if so and/or because of whatever..),
I intended for them to be (at least some type of) hypotheticals,
And as for any emotions that I may have and be triggering,
How one responds to them (including emotions in me when writing this (speaking for myself))..,
May therefore shape my,
Ongoingly changing emotional capacity..?
And as for an organization’s accountability,
And “determining” an organization’s “credibility”,
I feel (for example) that depends on the number of and/or level of severity of any given scandal(s)..,

And (I feel that) certain organizations that are less armed,
Less politically powerful,
and intend to promote peace..,
Just might be LESS feared and easier targets for criticism when something NOT going as expected (NOR functioning as claimed to be) is made public..(?),
But yes,
I feel..,
We must always avoid manipulation..,
And escape in a lifeboat IF (for example) some knucklehead sneaks into some powerful leadership position that gives off a reputation that sinks a whole ship that took several years, decades, centuries, millenniums (and/or however longer) to beautifully construct..,
And now I’m rambling too off topic..,

just to throw it out there,
For one,
Even though this might somewhat effect how one starts off,
I would say that being “ON” or “OFF” the “autism spectrum” is NOT nearly as big of an emotional capacity determining factor as how one’s life experiences affected choices they’ve made that shaped and continue to shape who they are,

So once again,
I therefore do NOT believe in judging anyone,
Such as their “emotional capacity”,
By their labels and/or lack of labels..,

Hence I believe there’s so much more,
To someone than how they’ve been labeled surfacely,

And as for paths we may ever choose to take and/or continue along,
People to trust,
“Scandals” the fearful mainstream may “expose”,
On any journey we choose to take,
I believe,
Whether we feel it was an essential step in a “transformative” direction,
Or a complete “scam” that “deserves” mainstream attention,
I feel,
That largely has to do,
With how we continue to respond to it emotionally,

Maybe we can embark while whining,
Constantly complaining and letting our minds take us deeper into discouraging misery,
We can try to see how we can experience it truthfully more deeply,

Yet (for example) regardless of whatever we read,
Been told,

I guess that,
There’s always some degree of uncertainty,
That awaits us,
Whenever and wherever we go next,

On our journey


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