Nightmare coming True

Even though I was NOT there at the time,
Even though everyone you were with loved and always looked after you,
Even though you were by yourself in the car of the restaurant parking lot,
Just may while climbing up to look out the automatic sliding door window to spot your loved ones..,
Just happened to press the automatic sliding door opening button..(?),
Yes.., even if you’re “just a dog” I still can NOT speak for you..,
I wasn’t there evidently..,


Even though that sliding door came open..,
Understandably opening your courageous adventurous spirit to explore the Outer Banks..,
And/or find my mom..,

Even though a restaurant worker said you almost got hit by two cars..,

Even though the man who subsequently hit you was sober,
Coming home from a hard day’s work..,
Even though he felt terrible,
As well as the police at the scene were,

Even though (as I’ve heard) having your little green vest returned to us was just too hard,
And even though I’ve worried about you running off on your own and something like this happening,
Including WORRYING about seeing the subsequent memorial video,
such as seeing the picture of you sitting above the car speakers and to the right of the dashboard below the front view window,

A picture,
From years ago on a nice colorful day,
The fact that some of my deepest fears came true,
The fact that even this is NOT some nightmare,
The fact that I’m awake and no longer with you..,


I just..,
I don’t know..?

I just will keep missing you

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