More than “Excess”

Even though if I may get a literary mental “high” by trying to word fancy sounding insights that I may never take seriously,
And/or fail at proceeding down “perfectly” NOR sufficiently “consistently”,
Even if I flow gently down an emotional stream,
And/or go from one extreme to the other such as using medication to construct a Dam to block out as much building emotion(s) as I can that just may catastrophically burst one day..?

Maybe you can still follow the (I guess..?) messages I attempt to share FAR more properly than me and my damaged capability..?

No.. I did NOT mean “damaged” literally..,
It’s MOSTLY a hypothetical of negative feelings that I feel just may inevitably pass through all of us to our own personal uniquely varying frequencies..?
And THEREFORE I feel we DO have the ability to find peace with those painful toxic thoughts (and/or feelings) so their inner toxic energy does NOT inhibit our true capability nearly as severely..(?),

And well,
Not to keep “crying wolf”,
I miss my dog,
Who for me,
Was more than a “pet dog” to me,
And even though he may “never have been able” to develop an average human academic ability NOR as “brilliantly” solve seemingly impossible mathematical and/or metaphysical equations or whatever the fuck..,

(And NOT to excessively speak for him..),
YET I feel that..,
His mostly seemingly happy peaceful inclusive inviting energy,
Which I feel came so much MORE naturally..,
Has helped me so tremendously,

And I feel so grateful for those associated with the animal shelter,
For saving him among the “excess” that were going to be drowned and/or however killed otherwise..,

And well,
(Even though I can NOT speak for others..),
I’d also guess that those Pennsylvania Amish Puppy Mill breeders were also just struggling through the day in their best known way which I just may never ever know..(?),
And well,
Because of their work as well,
INCLUDING those of the shelter who did NOT give up on finding a home for a dog like you,
For you to spend like 7.5 years in a home,
Surrounded by so many who will always love you,
And view you as MORE than “EXCESS”..,
Just the energy you’d give off,
Has helped me so deeply,
Make it through the hard times (such as examples I’ve struggled to clearly mention on this WordPress blog constantly),

Which I why,
I am also,
Missing you constantly,


I wish that sentient physical form you once manifested in comes back to me,
I wish that you would come back,

And even if any haters may accuse me of “capitalizing on your death to ‘promote’ my writing career”..,
They are freely entitled to believing their nasty judgments..,
May we NOT forget,
That well,
I wanted to just share,
And attempt to make CLEAR,
Just the beautiful being you were and ARE..,

I feel that:

You were more than “just a dog”,
You were and ARE more than a “pet”,
You were MORE than “excess”,
You were and ARE a beautiful form,
Of deeply inseparable consciousness

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