How it’s Used

How are we really using our freedom of expression..?
What’s the overall message(s) in our fancy figurative connected artistic expression(s)..(?),

How much money we have..(?),
How successful and “real” we are..(?),
Where “we come from” and “how far we came”..(?),
How well we “know the game”..(?),
What’s the REAL effects of this..(?),

Did I say something “wrong”..?
Do I need to “rephrase” how I express what I feel as wrong..?
Among all the aggressive disagreement and/or threats..,
May I keep remaining in that strong inner peaceful warrior spirit..,
Or however is the “best way to describe it”,

Fuckin bullshit seems to be all the same even if it’s “different”..,

And even though we may be “getting stuff off our chest”,
What’s the impression on others..?
What example(s) are we truly leading by..?

Even though we may need to “chill the fuck out”,
And reduce toxic overthinking,
What messages are we still emanating..(?),

And do those messages come from a place of love..?
Are we spreading division or helping different groups more peacefully relate..?
Are the messages coming from a place of continual inner healing..?
Oh man how I want to keep analyzing..,

And even if we’re not a creative “performing artist”,
I guess we’re still always creatively perpetuating and/or creating something to some extent..(?),
As for whatever we’re doing,

And as for what we’re “contributing”,
Is the “brilliantly” connected “big picture” just of the surface..?
Does it include more..?
Does it point to understanding deeper..?
Does it help us access deeper capabilities we’ve always had..(?),
Yet that we may have never known were always there..?

Does our picture we try providing for others point beyond what words and/or any forms of physical forms of expression(s) by themselves can ever convey..?


What direction are we going in..?
And even if that’s an “obvious question”,
Is it sufficiently within our attention..(?),

What are the truest,
Most common,
Most impactful effects of the usages of our freedom of expression(s)..?

And in addition to this post,
I plan to keep trying to use my freedom of expression..,
To share what I may see as truth(s) that I presently feel needs to be addressed,
And/or adequately remembered..,

And yes I do try to use the “I” and/or “I feel” statements..(for example),
Since I feel this is what “I see”,
As opposed to sounding like some narcissist who “knows the answer” and must shove it down other’s throats in order to feel a sense of power and/or I guess “certainty” (speaking hypothetically..)..(?),

And well..,
How does proving ourselves “right” ultimately help heal our relationship(s) to whatever painful emotions that may inevitably continue passing through us..!?

So (for example) instead of starting statements such as with..,
“You know when you..”,
“If you do this then..”
“If you keep doing that then..”
“That’s why you should..”
“Listen to what I’m telling you!! You really should..”
“You need to know that..”
“Stop! Just stop! You need to..”,

Because especially in this context,
How can I really “know” how another person is feeling within..?
Am I their “coach”?
“Drill Instructor”?
Or am I their friend who (I feel) is supposed to help them feel more heard and understood and LESS “alone” in their thoughts and feelings..?

And if I feel a need to tell them something I will try to communicate myself as compassionately as my present awareness may allow me,
Ideally and I guess practically speaking..(?),
I (also) plan to NOT just say “I agree” just in order for them to NOT reject me..,
Yet I’d say that’s ALSO “easier said than done” evidently..,

I FEEL that I can only offer how I presently feel to see it..,
Which I FEEL I can never know is the ultimate “truth”,

And well..,
I feel truth can be understood in infinite forms,
Infinite directions,
Infinite depts,
Infinite levels of inner peaceful and clear awareness..(for example),
I would guess..(?),

Now I hope those freedom of expression opinions I shared did NOT have a toxic effect..?
In a nutshell..,
I feel a need for myself,
Among whoever may also happen to feel a need to considerately remember,
As for whatever we’re doing..,
To ask:
How is it affecting us..(?),
Including whoever else..(?),
Happens to be somewhere within our surroundings,

Just wondering..,

And as always,

Thanks for reading

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