Is he Alright?

For example,
If people ask,
“Is he alright?”,
Are they truly concerned..(?),
Or are they looking to ostracize me out of sight..(?),

If someone asks,
“Is he alright?”
Is the person’s intention(s) to offer empathy..?
To mutually gratifyingly emotionally deeply connect..(?),
Or is the person trying to make it clear how “annoying” and “weird” I “come across as”(?),


I feel that this emotional intensity,
Makes it harder to proceed “slow and steady”,

And what just may “help others”,
I feel has had different effects on me..,
(Regardless if those others have been diagnosed with “autism” just “like me”..),
Yet (I’d guess..?) there will always be more and more advice,
Instruction and coaching..,
Thrown at me,

And NOT like any fancy “saying” is going to instantly “change” everything..,
(Speaking based on what I feel to see presently),

And as for all these fancy worded “realizations”,
What, when and how,
Am I continuing to try continuing putting them into practice on a compatible path to help myself,
Including becoming more fully inner peacefully equipped to help others..(?),
Whether it’s through “writing” or whatever I feel most motivated and able to truly offer (for example)..(?),

Regardless I plan to continue trying..,


But I’d say I need to slow down,
And no quick-witted scumbag gotta sarcastically remind me..,
Or what is the best word to describe it..(?),
The highly socially aware scumbag may just know it..(?),


May the words I struggle to piece together,
Help to point to something that’ll truly help me,
Beyond whatever any words may say “by themselves”,

May words point to infinitely more in a HELPFUL way..,

And I guess(?) that the LESS I use words,
The greater emotional impact value they just may have..,
For example,

And yes,
I know I’m continuing to struggle,

So as for anyone who has something I “need to hear”,
Where is it coming from..?
A place of anger and sarcasm..?
A place of kindness..?

Can I always trust where they claim it’s “coming from”,

I often feel that,
The fewer the words,
The greater their impact..,
What is that impact!?

A place of intending mutual “inner healing”,
Or power seeking scolding..?

I’ll stop with the “overexplaining”,

Yet regardless,
Thanks for reading

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