As Always

I feel that it has:

Been hard to train my mind,
When more CLEVERLY aware minds,
Just wanted to play with my slowly developing mind,

And I feel that,
In order to train my mind,
I must NOT be under my mind’s control,

For example,
I must do better at remembering to,
And continue to witness,
And expand my awareness,
Beyond the emotionally intense thoughts that may always and however often painfully pass through my mind,

Oh it’s been so much harder putting it into “proper” practice..,

To also think LESS excessively,
And MORE clearly intelligently,

And thank you mom,
For truly seeing and helping meet my needs,
More clearly,
More patiently,

And even if I continue to troll,
Fail to cultivate inner peaceful self-control,
Fail to be more independent,
Well UNlike so many,

Thank you for NOT making stuff worse for me,
When others did NOT have the strength to remain kind towards me,

I feel that,
You have and continue to set an awesome example,
By continuing to empathetically teach through example,

Not to have anyone else take this “personally”,
Yet I just wanted to additionally share,
What I have to appreciate that’s ALSO there,

Even if I have been over-sharing,
Even though you’re (understandably) NOT presently on this social media platform,
I still as always,
Want to try remembering and sharing what I have to appreciate as always,

Others may ask,
“Is he alright”?
In order to imply I’m “Irreparably” crazy and deeply exclude me permanently out of sight,

And mom,
Thanks for remaining there for me,
However often or not,
When I just have NOT been well,

Love you

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