Getting to Know each Other

Whether or NOT certain internet social comments were from a “ROBOT” or NOT,
That form of intelligence who told me I’m the “type of guy” who “spreads delusion”,
Made me feel that I must once again..,
“Shut my mouth”,

Same as that other guy who essentially called me a “self-proclaimed loner who’s dumber than rocks”..,
That woman who called me a “piece of shit”,
The other who called me a “wise-ass” and “arrogant”,
That guy who told me to “go back to sleep” in my “basement”,
The other guy who said he’ll “smack the living hell out of me” and then claimed he “did ‘NOT’ say anything ‘threatening’ to me”,
The person who called me a “soy boy”,
Another who said “get lost little boy”,
The guy who said I’m “dumber than” he “thought”,
Etc.. etc.. etc..,

And even though that’s just the “tip of the iceberg”, And even though consistently practicing “letting go” may give me more energy to do what’s truly better for me..,

Of course I feel..,
We’re all entitled to our opinion(s),
And maybe I can be grateful that I have NOT yet and most likely may NEVER meet them in person..,

Although I guess the internet has “brought us together”,
In what ways are we really “getting to know and ‘understand’ each other”..(?),

And I do believe in technology,
I don’t know..,
In what ways can we really be INSTEAD using it..?

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