Elaborate Intelligence and Elaborate Stupidity

I feel that:

As for trying to creatively piece together writing,
(Or anything..),
For example,
The words can point to some deeper meaning,
Nothing seemingly worth noting,

I feel that,
One example can be,
“As the river of emotions pass, may we peacefully notice them on the shore”,
“Before bed, he scored some head, as the other dickhead, got brutally rejected”,

So in the first example,
I feel that,
It was trying to point to some inner peaceful development process,
While our emotions inevitably “pass” through us,
We can peacefully “notice” them “on the shore” which is where our awareness can safely remain (as the inner emotional current (or “river”) may inevitably pass through us),

The second “rhythmical” example I additionally thought of is (of course) pertaining to oral sex,
Regardless of however “right” or “wrong”,
In my opinion,
Just does NOT seem to clearly point to any deeper meaning,
Meaningfully (NOR helpfully) beyond what the words alone by themselves (I feel) seem to say..(?),
(Such as the rhymes “bed”, “head”, including the word “dickhead” which (I feel) can be interpreted as a person and/or the head (or top) of one’s dick..),

Now of course,
I feel that,
These examples (or more elaborately connected ones of similar styles) can be expanded,
And/or elaborately connected,
Infinitely interpreted,
Infinitely debated and/or infinitely analyzed etc, etc..,
May we NOT permanently forget,
Which inner place(s),
General elaborate forms of creativity,
That may manifest externally and even INFLUENTIALLY..,
Just may,
Be coming from within,
Including their overall effect(s) that they just may be having on us emotionally within..(?),

I guess..(?),
In some way,
To some degree,
We’re perpetuating and/or newly creating something,
That is coming from some type of foundational internal level (or depth) of awareness (or Unawareness),
Which for example,
Can be consciously clear,
Kind and compassionate,
Or impulsive and reckless,
Arrogant and carelessly UNaware,

Here’s another example,
“I notice my inhale and exhale, while trying again after another fail”,
Which I feel can be interpreted as noticing breathing intended to help reduce inner tension and/or decrease overthinking as we keep trying in whatever direction with whatever (and/or however) we’re aspiring towards (or against),

Here’s another example,
“I got all this money, no one can touch me, the next to challenge me, will lose disastrously, providing me another victory, as I continue invincibly, awaiting my next win that I’ll seize INSTANTANEOUSLY, .. I will climb higher and higher, as my opponents sink deeper and deeper, I will remain winner, now and forever, .. they’ll always suck, as I remain unstoppably not giving a fuck, .. they’ll try to take me down, and will make themselves look like an even bigger clown, I’ll remain up, as they keep on falling down and fucking up”,
And yeah so I feel that above example could be considered as toxic arrogance,

And well,
For example,
Would these types of lyrics help boost “confidence”..(?),
Even if “yes”,
I still do NOT see how they help us truly broaden our awareness more deeply and compassionately to TRULY access more inner clearness to increase the chances of more clearly UNcovering UNforeseen inner capabilities that just may (otherwise) manifest out of us magnificently,

And well,
Even if these were NOT “realistic” NOR sufficient examples,
And although I’d say that NOT everything we read and/or listen to needs to be “serious” NOR “taken seriously”,
And as for music I (of course) often feel it’s more about how it sounds instead of what the lyrics are actually saying..,

Point is,
Is there any serious effects,
Of excessively listening and/or however emotionally consuming stuff with toxic messages..(?),

Whenever we may try to look at something deeper (such as what we may consume frequently),
Does it help us feel better or more at peace and clear internally..?
So I guess many lyrics are therefore mostly NOT intended to be taken seriously if I understand on some level “correctly”..(?),
Because (for example) many musical lyrics,
Fill me with more negativity that does nothing for me when I try to see the “big picture” more clearly and/or deeply..,
When I try to express myself in some way that’s serious..,
I feel that (Unfortunately) more often than NOT,
For example,
The seriousness is regarded as “weirdness”,
EVEN if the seriousness is “CHILL” and/or however NON-aggressive..,

Not that everything is intended to be taken “seriously”,
And of course (I feel that) there’s a “time and place” for certain types of discussion(s)..,
Yet if we’re always consuming creativity that comes from an inner place of bullshit.., well..,
Are we truly feeling “as good as we can” in whichever moment(?),
And of course (for example),
What are the longer term deep emotional/cognitive effects..(?),

Just some more thoughts and feelings..,
And even if during trying to explain this I also sounded in whichever ways “oblivious” and “arrogant”,
I just also felt a need to try to additionally share this,
I hope it (as always) made sufficient logical sense,
Thanks as always for reading

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