Waste of Space

I feel that:

I keep feeling outsmarted by all these people with heads no more than half the size of mine,

It’s like they have all the cognitive essentials neatly condensed in this nice little package,
While my brain matter remains as a waste of space,
With connections that take too long to reach each other and keep up with how it’s “supposed to be”..,

And well..,
As for when I was very young,
Since my brain kept “growing” to try to “correct” itself..,
It grew into a waste of space,

I may have the same “capability”,
Yet it hilariously takes me longer to understand,

So if I have nothing essential too offer in the essential workforce,
Maybe I can still provide a good laugh,
Even when I’m trying to be serious..,

In some way,
I’m still here,
Still trying,
Among the various causes and effects,
Still occurring

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