Another Dialogue Sample

Person #1: Yo dude just stop with this New Age shit.. Like for real.
Person #2: What I’m saying is that solid and space, and the internal and external are inseparable.
Person #1: And what I’m saying is that you’re manic and need help.
Person #2: Bruh I’m not trying to be “New Age” it’s just some thoughts..
Person #1: Every time you get like this you don’t sleep for several nights and then you start acting as if everyone must follow “your way”.
Person #2: Oh that’s a huge exaggeration..
Person #1: You get my point! Red flags must NOT go unchecked!
Person #2: Okay man so how are the Mets doing..?
Person #1: Good one…

Person #2: Look dude I was worse coming off this medication before going on it.
Person #1: So we’ll try another medication.
Person #2: We did.
Person #1: We’ll give you more and you won’t come off it this time.
Person #2: How about we try meditating..?
Person #1: I’m not Buddhist.
Person #2: You don’t have to be anything..
Person #1: Yes you do.
Person #2: Oh so now you know “everything”.
Person #1: I know what’s best for you.
Person #2: Sure..

Person #1: I’m done listening.
Person #2: You never listen to begin with.
Person #1: When I know you’re going to start rambling about something stupid and irrelevant I don’t waste my energy trying to figure out what you’re struggling to communicate.
Person #2: All you do is criticize.
Person #1: I tell you what you need to hear.
Person #2: No, you try to make me feel bad because you’re feeling bad. You exude negativity that you don’t feel you can heal within yourself.
Person #1: And there you go again, feeling you’re more “enlightened” than everyone else..
Person #2: And there you go again with the criticism while offering nothing of true benefit aside from pointing out the negatives.
Person #1: Shut your mouth.
Person #2: Fuck you.

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