Not Sure

I additionally feel that for example:
Just as I may have all these passing assumptions,
Based on what I see people post,
Similar types of assumptions may just be,
In whatever ways to whatever degrees,
However individually or collectively,
Compassionately or tribalistically,
Also directed at me..(?),

Such as,
My physical appearance,
Facilitating all these assumptions others may have,
That tell nothing about having experiences with “Asperger’s Syndrome” while ALSO different than those (allegedly) on the same part of the “autism spectrum”,
That tell nothing about feeling as an easier target of quite a lot,
That tell nothing about what’s really going on within,
However relatable or not..,

As for what I really feel comfortable posting,
I just..,
Do NOT know..(?),

And even if I may risk deeply regretting it..,
I’d still rather try than remain in my shell while perpetually too scared of it,
What’s the bigger regret..?
Failing or NOT trying..?
I guess it depends..(?),
Including how we may feel to see and have experienced it..?

Yet maybe,
I can learn to become more comfortable,
With the discomfort of putting myself out there,
As I go,

And I feel I must try,
Even if for however better or worse,
The outcomes,
I will just,
Never precisely know,

So as for what’s really going on,
In addition to however much the posts may “show”..,
What can we really “know”?

Not sure we’ll ever completely know,

I don’t know..?

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