Clearing and Freeing

My writing feels best if it’s not just me, but divine essence conveying truthfulness, I’m trying my best continually..

I sometimes feel I feel the ocean of divine presence, in which I’m a wave perpetually,

The divine is us, me and passes through me, Solid, space, any feeling place,

If I let it be me I’ll emanate helpful, gentle authenticity, Not letting my ego cloud my clear spontaneous spontaneity is hard for me, Like how it wants to remember to say there’s no final truth that gives us one hundred percent certainty, But I do believe divine essence may always help us no matter the extent of pain, horror and adversity,

Aside from my beliefs, divine essence doesn’t need to exclude separate souls or deities, one or many, There may always be interconnected divine energy, regardless of conscious experience and existential reality, May our true nature always have something to show us, To always let us know as experience tells us,

I try experiencing with the most fulfilling meaning, Not judging with ill feeling, Not labeling as “mentally ill” or identifying overly based on pathologizing, or categorizing others with views that are differing, Nothing is always symmetrical and we’re all made of the same stuff and are the same stuff that is one true being,

To whatever extent I’m embodying what I’m expressing, Whatever form or non form.. We including me are always experiencing something,

As for energy I haven’t been doing the best lately, I try saying “hi” and I feel people react uncomfortably, I know I struggle being social, I’m on a hike and my heart feels painful, I wish everything didn’t feel so conditional, It’s okay to show supportive understanding of another’s struggle,

Handling intensity like reacting to cruel judgmental energy is always a struggle, But what’s really real may always be hopeful, I know I’m not ultimately an autistic label,

But whatever I have done, whatever I am or how I am aspiring, Clearing the clouds of clinging creates clear formless being, Although I don’t always feel clear, I try remembering,

I really try expressing without condescending or disclaiming although I know saying this is disclaiming in case of anything, I try clearing and freeing,

Clearing and freeing

Not forcing inhaling and exhaling, Any body sensation witnessing,

Non-forcibly, formlessly flowing

Clearing, unraveling, opening and accessing, Free spontaneous being

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