Letting Be More Clearly

If I’m expressing my emotions in a harmless way,

Regardless of the level of logical accuracy they may or may not convey,

I’m seeking to be heard,

As well as intending to be open to receiving empathic conscious offering, 

I’m NOT looking to be challenged,

I’m NOT looking to be judged,

I’m NOT looking to be categorized,

I’m NOT looking to be dismissed, 

Too often this is what I have felt other’s responses have missed,

I don’t always feel happy about the energy I’ve felt and witnessed,

I’m looking to be heard,

I’m looking to be felt,

I’m looking to be understood,

I’m looking to find empathy to feel a truer part of humanity,

Instead of unconsciously feeling increasingly alone and out of touch with reality,

I’m looking to expand the level I consciously feel and understand, which I feel can get clearer infinitely, 

I wish,

To know and remember that deep down I’m not alone in this physical existence,

Not being able to control the conscious degree of how others respond to me is something I know,

I can’t control how others treat me,


Internally I can practice,

Letting go,

Letting flow,

Not forcing,

Letting be,


I can,


Be with,


I wish for less distracting,

Less inner pressure,

Less tension,

Less clinging to expectation,

Less resisting,

I wish for allowing invariably increasing serene accepting of any moment of being,

More present opening to discovering and appreciating,

I cannot expect from others zero disrespect,

I cannot expect from others zero cruelness,

I can consciously be with while letting go of resistance through daily persistence,

If I forgot to meditate, or whenever I’m not,

I can still remind myself to do this,

To internally be with and detach whatever I witness as I respond to whatever I encounter in my present physical form of consciousness,

I’m not always seeking advice and I try not to intend to offer unless asked,

I can only respond to others based on the level I understand too what they share as a result of my consciousness awareness state.. 

I’m just trying to express to whoever chooses to read this,

Or write for whoever chooses to read,

And hopefully one day make a living at this,

Or at least get truer and truer, clearer and clearer fulfillment at this,

I want to be at peace, 

I can’t totally control bliss,

I can practice by “being with” and “detaching” in experience as I already said,

I hope to experience less internally painfully anywhere but in this case less in my head.. 

Enough or more I feel was said,

For now.. 

I’m feeling too in my head,

I’ll try to mediate sometime before bed,

Although I may write thoughts obsessive compulsively,

Although I may not always remember or decide to write every new and fleeting thought worth remembering, or write a deeper and clearer way of describing,

I trust that whatever is true can always come to me, more clearly

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