Safe and Sane

I feel sorry for myself,

Feel I can’t fit in then worry about messing everything up for everyone else,

I believe we’re interconnected, individual and morally responsible,

I fear the most painful physical pain in isolation, can’t fully understand other’s total situation

I believe in nonviolence, safety, and working together without creating excessive, collective pain, hatred and judging

I don’t always understand networking but want to fit in and not create, increase or perpetuate harm, 

I try to feel before I decide and not focus on what’s negative and unnecessarily repetitive

I try to help myself, not harm myself and anyone else, hope that believing in and practicing self-care and selflessness will create less internal and external pain,

I dream that all sentient beings around me stay increasingly peaceful, helpful and sane,

I hope we can let go of what hurt us in the past so we don’t repeat it,

I believe in staying present and not over-analyzing and clinging to judgement

I feel I can’t fully understand and feel what other beings feel,

I hope the pain that I can’t handle doesn’t stay infinitely real, I hope we all morally feel what’s real and don’t cause to much pain,

I hope to remain safe, careful, sane, avoid immense pain and stay around others who do the same,

I just hope that if I’m not mentally and emotionally there someone will take proper care of me,

There’s still someone in this dysfunctional society

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