I don’t intend any guilt afflicting but acknowledging that..

If one’s environment is harder, but they don’t feel as hard, then they have it easier,

If someone is at war but not at war internally, physically or emotionally.. and if I’m at home suffering from anxiety and OCD due to bullying history, then that person at war presently has it easier than me, same goes for fighting fire or whatever the external adversity,

If someone can make better choices that lead to more fulfilling outcomes than me, If they’re around an environment that’s more catering to their predispositions, they’ll more likely stay in a better and better position,

If they can easier tolerate pain and cultivate tolerating pain easier, then they have it easier,

If their experiences lead to greater appreciating that’s a blessing,

But it eventually makes it easier as for the sake of reminding,

That person has it easier than me,

I better get back to work so I don’t get in trouble,

But even though my job is easy,

This OCD which exacerbated due to my history is really fucking killing me,

But I’ll keep going, practicing how I know will increase it’s passing, because the dominant systems won’t make it better for me in totality,

It can be hard to tell who really has it easier, We can never completely be sure,

I try to remember it can get easier, but I do need reminders

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