All We Can Do

My learning disabilities, high anxiety, low confidence and panic attacks hold the real ones back, I don’t catch on too fast causing others to not go as fast,

My name is Zach, I don’t have much to say, Just trying to make it through another day,

I want to have fun too, Hopefully there’s something I can do, It’s about us “autists” too,

Welp.. What can you do? All you can do.. You know that don’t you? Yes you do.

I hope we realize our capability for the benefit of everybody since good morals make the best reality, we can advance morally and technologically simultaneously, Progress is good so we need good morals to progress, since they’re called “good” morals clearly, I’m trying to understand importance more deeply,

Maybe this poem is garbage to you, I don’t think so, But what can we really do!!? For anything we’re presently passing through

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