Figuring it Out..

In this society, in this context, You don’t need to go deep to get ahead, You just have to get out of your head,

The comments will be open soon to those without accounts, Since I have learning disabilities I’m having help trying to figure this out,

It’s most probably easy, But since I’m so in my head, Paying attention externally isn’t easy,

And what makes it even harder is emotional “hypersensitivity”..  

So with so much internal intensity, What is easy isn’t easy for me, So those who think they know me might not be able to judge me as clearly..

I’m NOT “lazy”, “Stupid” may be more valid, But I’m “sensitive” and repeat that since my experiences are repetitive..

I don’t even pay attention internally and miss out during meditation, The awareness practices don’t come easy for my since being trapped in my head makes it harder to get ahead, For anything,

As for the commenting, Once I figure this out.. If I don’t reply, It’s because I haven’t figured it out.. The more I get out of my head,

The more I figure out how to not overthink, The more I pay attention, The clearer I’ll think, Since I’m paying attention instead of being distracted of what’s irrelevant in my head, I think?

I’ll never go away, It doesn’t matter how many bad days, You can interpret that in all sorts of ways,

I’m figuring it out, Always figuring something out.. Always something to find out,

Something I found out is if I’m in a country where they judge you on social skills, due to social struggles, I’m more likely to wind up in a special home, homeless, maimed, killed, or on a lot of pills.. 

If they think you lack skills they’ll give you pills..

If you struggle more to attain them, you’ll be lucky if you don’t wind up on them, I’m grateful for that privilege speaking for my present

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