Research and Question

In my case..

“If you look hungry you’ll go hungry” because you’ll look desperate and crazy so they’ll cut you off even more and you’ll get even more desperate and crazy unless you stop denying your problems like a baby, Stop trying to get saved like a baby, Stop acting like a baby when you NEED to be babied.. Aside from these hardass judgments, if you find inner peace, you’ll see what you need to do..


It’s not just about us but it’s how our free will has been conditioned in us, So we need to get the toxic selfish energy out of our form for ourselves and the rest of us.. Dominant energy underlies dominant culture as it seems to me.. If culture is hard, feeling easier will be harder.. Right? As an assistance maintenance supervisor told me, “work smarter not harder”.. This may go against culture depending on the endeavor? But we may have to RESEARCH and QUESTION, In order for everything to feel easier, more peaceful, Whatever needs that need to be met we’ll hopefully be met..

If our work schedule doesn’t allow us enough time for adequately doing research, then maybe we’ll have to one day disobey in our own civil way if it becomes clear we’re not living as freely as we can be.. And question, How necessary is all this work we’re doing really? What are the effects on us and everybody, really? What are the causes and how do we heal to do it differently if need be? Seriously.. Why do we obey culture obsessively compulsively? What are we afraid of if we don’t? How reasonable and just are our fears? If it’s partially true, does that mean all of what we believe is true? Since we know something is wrong, do we know exactly what it is? Or are we just going to subscribe to some conspiracy like in some movie instead of address this rationally? Welp.. it’s easier to drown in beers.. but how can we make the most of ALL OUR YEARS..



I need to do more research and must not let reading comprehension challenges discourage me if I want to learn how to advocate for my needs daily.. But I may just be “speaking for myself”.. unfortunately..

If you want lower taxes just so you know most of it goes to the military.. watch Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next documentary.. Yes no one is perfect but I trust some more than most..

I think it was 59.9 percent of the income tax? For those who care and appreciate medicare.. And who realize that it was feudalism that was the cause of Soviet communism, NOT DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM,

But the name of a “system” means different things to different countries since “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS”.. 

If my information is off I still hope you hear my words..

If I try to prove my spirit to the military but end up doing something like being trained to overthrow democracy for cheaper banana prices in Guatemala for the United Fruit Company and find out I’ll go bananas most probably.. I don’t know history.. I wasn’t there and will never make decisions for many others and can’t tell the intentions of those who are smarter.. But I don’t want to get fooled and feel like I will.. I don’t even remember where my dad heard that.. I think it was something about the CIA training terrorists for US big business self-interests.. One of those horrible incidents.. I think it was from Chomsky from a human rights organization?? Yeah there’s something I’m not understanding.. But I don’t trust most as I must not..

I’m trying to figure more out, the last thing I need is criticism, but I’m open to support, Maybe if political reading and researching was more cultural that’ll help..?


Here’s another film suggestion.. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media on YouTube that’s based on the book.. If you haven’t seen it and want to learn you’ll do better than me at it

What do I think? Just don’t overthink.. It’s simple,

It’s clear who’s in control, It’s clear that we need to question legitimacy of control or “power”, We do it every day in other ways as we try to question or decisions,

Research and question, Research and question.. there’s no final destination, Protect yourself from all forms of manipulation, Even if you feel I’m saying this for attention, Well I do need money, But that’s not my intention,

Hopefully those in a culture of apathy will bring the importance of staying informed to their attention.. We may feel privileged now.. But this is only now

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