Where I’m At

I believe in FREE SPEECH but I’m against bullying, So I decided I’m not ready to allow non WordPress.com users to comment, Since for me, what others say may destroy me, Especially if many people attack me collectively.. It’s happened a lot already, This writing I take seriously,

If I was a leader, of course I must prepare for any type of criticism.. Of course I must allow free speech to not deprive anyone of freedom, But I don’t have any power over any other, So.. Please read, but if you can’t comment.. I hope you understand..

Too often my weaknesses have been used against me for others to feel better about themselves, Too often.. I’ve been the victim of power trips by other egos trying and succeeding to feel above, in control and more powerful than another which happened to be me..

I’m trying to market myself but I don’t want to emotionally harm myself, So I must proceed with caution,

I’d rather fail than not try, But I hope to not get permanently damaged, I hope to not get institutionalized, I hope to NOT yet die,

As I said, I believe in free speech, I don’t believe in harming others, I believe in speech that’s free and supportive,

The more who we give the opportunity of speaking to, The more likely we’ll learn and discover what we didn’t know before, Since more have the opportunity to offer, So hopefully we use our freedom for doing good, It’s a cliche, But hopefully it’s more the reality one day if not in this present moment today,

As of now this is my decision regarding comments, Letting go and not being affected by other’s statements is something I need to get more consistent at..

It’s just where I’m at

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