Just Saying

People are fed different information and believe what’s most comforting since they don’t want to deal with difficult emotional feeling, But if we deny what is real we can’t heal how we feel, Just saying..

The less we open, The less we discover, For a conscious experience that’s better, Just saying..

It’s.. Emotion over reason, Convenience over truth, Impulsiveness over inner healing, Entertainment over spiritual commitment, And many spiritual gatherings seem part of an institutional corporate establishment.. Just saying..

I need to better research it.. But I sense it.. And sometimes we feel it, even if we don’t remember the facts to back it.. If anything, you can start by “googling” it.. And hopefully come across a source that’s funded “by the people, for the people” and not, “for profit”.. You might be able to somewhat tell by level of advertisement? Just saying..

But I’m trying to do more researching.. Even though following sports and drinking may be more tempting, Which those in power prefer me pursuing, Since they don’t want us knowing what they’re doing.. (For me the sport I’d be spectating would be juggling if not snowboarding, which also includes competitions, commentating and advertising..) Just saying..

The powerful are just reacting to what’s externally gratifying instead of inwardly healing the discomfort which is causing the impulsive power seeking, The vicious cycle just keeps repeating.. Just saying..

And they have their own history which they’re suppressing I’m guessing.. ? They seek power to cover up the difficult feeling, Control is their addiction, They dismiss redirecting attention, All they learned is to externally seek pleasurable sensation.. Even if it’s medication to block out inner frustration.. It’s how most beings reacted to their environment, and then came the power seeking, inner truth dismissing establishments.. Just saying..

The poor buy into the culture they can’t or can barely afford, I can’t afford being a sucker anymore.. I heard from my dad that I don’t get full employment since the CEOs would have to pay for my healthcare since they wouldn’t pay us enough to afford it if they were to give us full employment.. So if a box were to fall on my head due to bad luck while unloading the truck, I might just end up brain dead? Just saying..

But I don’t plan to stay at my job forever unless the conditions get better, My boss understands, And if I try to unionize I would have to make a sacrifice since those in power would afflict torture or kill me since they’re addicted to power due to being conditioned in a culture that does not look to personally better themselves.. since they didn’t need too since they most probably weren’t “on the spectrum”.. Since they had good business social skills and “executive functioning”, Since they found a way to make thousands, even millions an hour sitting at a desk.. Since they found their independent private comfort zone, I wonder if they call themselves Christians? Just saying..

Well.. My presence in this culture isn’t working, Although my basic survival needs were met, I don’t want to give back to what gave me misery and bullying.. I wonder how Betsy DeVos and her brother Erik Prince are doing? I wish we were all less OCD and more like the Little Prince, Just saying..

I think they’d be more concerned about Jeremy Scahill, Who’s far more courageous, and knowledgeable, in the face of the powerful.. An autistic guy with a blog that barely anyone follows isn’t as threatening, Just saying..

All I can give forth is my ideas which I struggle to embody myself and don’t feel most will listen to or apply for themselves.. since many found their self-sustaining comfort zone.. And I repeated “self-sustaining comfort zone” for emphasis.. And fear of harsh criticism of my writing causes excessive disclaiming.. Just saying..

I doubt the fire department will be a good fit.. I know different first responder departments are different and I’ve had bad experiences in groups which created negative assumptions, judgment, fear and self-sustaining discouragement, But honestly, I’m just the awkward sensitive guy who “doesn’t get it”.. And most don’t give a shit since they’re also struggling to survive and stay necessarily fit.. Just saying..

It’s too bad, sad, I try not to get mad since that just makes it worse, I try to let go instead of suppressing so I don’t develop physical health problems due to stress, and so I don’t break emotionally, I don’t trust those who don’t properly help themselves to help me, And evidently I don’t trust those whose purpose is to make more money than they need.. Just saying..

They’ll just give me medication and lock me up while they plan for their next vacation, while they give millions to a power seeking politician, all to continue the cycle of drug-induced and/or material external gratification to block out inner painful frustration, I will become trapped in the cultural institution which they control as well as being unconsciously trapped in themselves.. Just saying..

It’s hard, “Accepting the inevitable”.. It could be better, But it’s not.. And it could be, We can redirect our attention away from addiction, Just saying..

We can be true to what’s within instead of just trying to fit in, We can better handle isolation, We can be courageous and appreciate preparing for any inevitable situation, Just saying..

Those who run the institutions they’re unconsciously trapped in can evolve their incentives and intentions, As one of my maintenance supervisor’s who was an assistant to the head, said, “Team work makes the dream work”, Just saying..

I hope any sayings, ideas, references and rhymes I may have used in this and similar contexts worked.. I’m trying my best to make it work, Just saying..

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