As Long As

May I let obsessive thoughts go to focus on the fire that is burning me, May I let obsessive thoughts go, To resist the burning less, May I let mental clinginess go to open to discomfort to suffer less.. I often don’t feel I can do this, But I feel I must never stop trying this, As long as I’m conscious,

Whatever is torturing me, Is where I feel my attention must be, If I want to resist less and suffer to a smaller degree, I think that’s what I’m trying to say? I think..?

I just wanted to write this during meditating with my mom and brother to be honest, But I felt I needed to also remember this.. So I can better myself since we all want to feel better, Since it’s called “better”..

But here’s my perception of where I’m at in this writing moment..

I also think that, If there’s thought control and we don’t believe or see it, Then our thoughts have been controlled for us to not see or believe it,


Hopefully we realize harmful energy in us or whoever just to FEEL BETTER

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