More Words

Overcome, succumb, dumb, Sometimes words feel numb..

If we always view kindness as fakeness then we’ll always act mean if we mean to be real, or honest, or sincere, or authentic, or whatever word is most appropriate to whatever we’re presently feeling..

I just need some escapist indulging but no shit I don’t plan on overdoing..

Self-control prevents evil, because evil is impulsively irrational so maybe we need some long term thinking for greater consideration of really avoiding less suffering and here I go again with preaching, over-writing without revising and organizing my thinking..

Welp.. here’s to what I’m presently perceiving

2 thoughts on “More Words

  1. You have a great strength in self-reflection and it is a powerful asset when interacting with others. Some people are only aware of how they feel without possessing the capability to articulate their emotions. Rather, they tend to react instinctively and let their emotions implicitly be conveyed with their actions. Neither is right or wrong but the people whom I have observed to be the most effective, in word & deed, are those applying a balance of the two within any given scenario. Life, I find, is about obtaining and maintaining a balance; of self, relationships with others, and perspective in our reality as well as the reality of others.


    1. @ACherry thank you so much! I love hearing from you and your confidence in me as a writer I’m so grateful for! I totally agree that although neither is right or wrong as you said, conveying emotion is very important for clear communication. When people are passive, I guess that doesn’t always make interaction clear and can cause stuff to build assuming the implicit emotion is negative and unconsciously aggressive. So I agree that peaceful realness and helpful communication are so vital for a functioning humane world. As for your commment, as always, many thanks!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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