Revise, Let Grow, Repeat

Social anxiety plus learning challenges equals brutally low confidence,

If I already anticipate a sad ending, then for me, how would owning a gun change anything? Yes I know it’s selfish since it increases the chances of more killing since means of killing are easier and I’ll back that claim up by claiming it’s common sense.. But very low confidence is a bad feeling,

Well.. everyone’s trying.. I’m manic and wanted to post again with little revising.. however my posts will be slower hopefully with more crafting.. and maybe I’ll post some short stories.. In case I don’t, I just wanted to say what I’m intending,

I guess it’s not always easy feeling powerful while staying peaceful, and never doing anything harmful..

I’m going to keep going, I’m going to keep going,

But my posting will be significantly slowing so I work on crafting, Writing, conveying or clear expressing ability comes before the number of posts, just saying..

We have different challenges and blessings.. Regardless of my level of writing I need to slow posting to develop crafting.. Although my obsessive compulsiveness has caused my phone reminders to overload, I put a daily iPhone reminder for any writing draft to “revise, let grow, repeat, until you feel it’s complete”,

So that’s my intention, Way more revision, Since creative quality is what makes better creativity which has nothing to do with quantity, In my opinion,

Well.. I at least feel quality is more important

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