(First draft was written on 4/20/21)

I can and may take care of myself by advocating for my rights, I’m not looking to harm those who harmfully control me, I just want disfunction to keep reducing for more to start functioning ethically,

Those at the bottom are staying mad at each other while working together, Same with the middle.. While those at the top just want more and more, While many at the bottom and the diminishing middle class get sucked into the culture.. as they continue fighting with each other.. I wish we made it easier to lower the extent we all suffer, If not all, I think many know this, But I wish for more support practicing suffering less,

As for any who oppress, bully, abuse.. As for any who make me suffer, I’m NOT looking to punish or afflict any torture, I just want it to get better, We can do better,

We can advocate without hate, We can hold accountable in ways that are compassionate and peaceful, We can, in all ways, become more capable, Society and the world can become way, way more functional,

My OCD doesn’t want me to post this since 4/20 is Hitler’s birthday, and the Columbine shooting date.. However, If we suppress hate.. If we disregard others emotional needs, Monsters is what we’ll create,

Aside from a few rare generous offers, maybe sometimes peer pressure.. No.. I don’t smoke weed.. Killing brain cells is the last we need.. Well.. May we consciously heed..

May we consciously cultivate without physically mentally harming ourselves.. Just saying.. 

Just because I believe all drugs must be legal doesn’t mean I do them, And if they are all legal, Would more do them, Well..

If they don’t know any other ways to heal inner pain, But.. If more of us practice cultivating inner healing, clearing and strength, Our natural clarity won’t make us seek drugs.. May the world help rehabilitate and not punish the “thugs”,

External painful punishment is not inner healing, We can’t become enlightened through scolding, beating.. however the hateful energy is punishing.. Just saying..

Since it’s “4/20”.. Since I had another day out in society’s judgmental energy.. Since I hope people get on and stay track continuously

2 thoughts on “4/20

  1. Zach, you are truly a great person because you want the best for everyone. May we all learn to be good to each other.


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