Writing Freedom

If others who were mean to me, Recognized themselves in my future published stories, Is it fair if they were to sue me? Or just do whatever to try to harm me..? Yes that question was rhetorical obviously..

I think, By not harming me for expressing how I felt due to how they treated me, Or by allowing me to share what I learned or depict my experience free without harming me, Is one way they peacefully can repay or give back what they owe me, or “pay it forward” for me and others since the intent of my writing is intended to help sentient beings go not “backward” but “forward”.. But especially since have the right, To write, About anything that happened to me, And therefore.. Anyone can write anything about me in a story, It’s their right,

I believe in NO secrets, Since we work together, We should not alienate ourselves by keeping secrets from each other.. Especially secrets that are about how we affect one another, Like those who decide the conditions we live and work under,

I’m not looking to harm anyone, I’m looking to not be harmed for what I express publicly,

Although some may threaten to “come after” me and do whatever to me.. We all have the right to live free, As presently, As fulfillingly, As our capability allows us to, presently,

If we promote harm such as violence, And if violence happens due to what we wrote or said, Yes, We must be held accountable,

But if I wanted to share a story, About what someone did to me, And if nothing bad happened to them as a result of what I wrote about them after changing their names.. In my opinion, It would be very wrong, If they, say.. were to sue to me, Since, I most probably would go broke, And since they would be afflicting a punishment on me, Due to me expressing and sharing the cruelty they did to me, So they would just add to cruelty.. With no awareness to offer me or society..

I do not believe in an “eye for an eye” since that doesn’t heal the causes, but as for sharing the bullying anyone has done to me, I’m sharing a story, Which can and may be a reminder, Of the need of more to discover better ways to live together and treat each other, Better,

And by sharing what anyone did to me, I’m exercising my writing freedom, By sharing whatever I want, I’m exercising my RIGHT, To write, Freely,

To whatever extent this is true or not as for what I write.. 

Free expression, For helping the world, Is important, To make the world a more morally functional place,

So, I can write whatever I want, I can do whatever I want, I can be as true to myself as I want, As long as, What I do, Does NOT cause harm or suffering to others,

We can say whatever we want, But if what we said caused harm, Such as physical harm due to advocating for physical harm, We must be questioned.. And I know this is obvious, But we must remember this, And of course I don’t intend to offend anyone, but if what I say offends anyone, I hope they properly heal their own inner reactions, since, as long as there’s no physical harm or violence directed at anyone, I have freedom of expression,

And like Chomsky said, “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all”, (Pinterest) You can express whatever you want about me and I can do the same about you evidently,

As for what I say, I trust my accuracy, Lots of memories vividly stick with me,

As for writing, We all have writing freedom, As for “live free or die”.. or in this case “write free or die”.. or “write or die” or “express or die”.. If you don’t write free, Don’t “die”, And hopefully no one “dies hard” as for “live free or die hard”..

OBVIOUSLY live free, and free from violence.. But essentially, these are just some of my opinions why, I believe having the right to write free, Is IMPORTANT..

Like I said before, I do not wish that my writing lead to anyone’s punishment, Especially myself, Since punishment does NOT help the individual heal and let go of unconscious evil behavior, since their behavior manifested in response to harsh or difficult life experience..

But I believe in sharing writing, To help anyone, Especially myself..

Yeah I still fear what those who I had a falling out with could do to me, If they have nothing to lose and became stuck in impulsive hateful irrationality, So.. I’m not ready to post certain material about particular people and many injuries they caused me, Emotionally..

Yes.. Living free is way “easier said than done” obviously.. I still greatly fear the infinite capability of ways people can torture or cause pain to me, I still need to let go, to be with internally, the most pain that may possibly happen to me when and IF it does.. That’s one reason to practice meditation.. Being with and cultivating less resistance for the worst we may experience,

Also, If we excessively rely on authority to “protect” us, Then we give excessive power to authority to physically harm us.. So practicing THAT inner awareness to accept and resist less of any level of pain that may afflict us, Will really help us.. So we can rely on OURSELVES internally, to SERIOUSLY improve our effect on interdependent society, Instead of just wanting to be saved, We may possibly be able to save ourselves with inner strength? Huhh.. yeah if I was desperate I’d want to be saved, But that’s only referring to my present lack of inner strength and courage, But, “Practice makes perfect” or at least better since progress is infinite..

Well, As of now, I want to live SAFE while writing free,

I may just write and make public,

And if any of those who I wrote about were to come after me then I’ll also likely have to deal with their friends and family, It would be a never ending cycle of toxic brutality.. To catastrophize, But in the future, Whatever,


I believe in freedom of expression with moral consideration, And there’s clearly no way of precisely determining who writes “better”, Since expressive creation is all open to interpretation,


I still don’t want any paranoia with me, Due to “bringing to light” what whoever did to me that really hurt me, But I’m trying to safely express more and more freely,

I don’t know how long the paranoia may stick with me, However, Publishing writing may therefore be courageous, And yes, We’re all morally accountable,

And knowing that we done good, May more likely help us feel good,


But no matter the fear that is there, I will try, To cultivate the WARRIOR, Within,

Just saying.. 

I’ll always prepare myself, Always, For the worst possibility, Assuming what I write causes billions of people to hate me, Well, If I’m being true to my fearful conformist set and therefore, If I’m not living true to my TRUE self, But just trying to please everyone else, Then, I will not be living FREE,

It’s okay to have fear, But my belief is that we must take steps in the right direction, Such as inner strength cultivation, To BE TRUE TO OURSELVES,

Instead of fearfully please others, Due to fear of isolation, torture, or whatever, And since it’s “easier said than done”, Our practice always needs to continue on,


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