Is it just me?

If written creativity, That’s taken in by the majority, has good flow, style, but no INSIGHT, In my opinion, That’s far LESS than alright,

I try to give all creativity I don’t like the benefit of the doubt, And if I don’t like what I hear, Sometimes I just have to get it out, Even if that risks me getting another paranoia bout,

What we say has an effect, Yes.. Expression does not mean “reason”, Expression does not mean truth, It’s just feeling, no matter how irrational..

But please tell me how I’m misunderstanding, When I don’t like something I think “oh it’s just me”, but is it really?Seriously, What are the LONG TERM effects of culture?? On behavior, On advancement, On detaching from the ego, fear and insecurity, On being present??

Just expressing.. I’m no expert and what I preach, But creativity with no morality, for me, has nothing of value to clearly teach.. Just expressing..

I’m entitled to the same freedom, If I can’t express free, about anything including popular creativity, then am I living free? You can easily tell me

I think the logical is also important in addition to the emotional, Sure maybe I’m feeling confrontational? For anyone who causes evil who is caught and held accountable, may it be peaceful,

Yes I OBVIOUSLY believe in freedom of expression, I’m not for banning anything, I JUST hope the overall effects of the creativity I’m affected by, Helps me feel as well as can be,


Now I know I didn’t mention any particular individuals due to my EXCESSIVE fear of them somehow afflicting torture on me, But as for what I pay attention to, It sometimes INFURIATES me, Speaking from at least some present part of me

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