Through the Days

He wants to fit in, Tries to be good to get attention, Then no one listens, And he unintentionally hasn’t adequately developed awareness of others’ emotion,

Then he feels like a victim, With his narrow attention, Tries to “adult”, And give back, But anxiety and ADD told him he’s on an inevitably slower track,

Did he arrive on time ? Will he learn, comprehend, make it to the end like his FRIENNNDS???

And he doesn’t have confidence he’ll “man up” to sacrifice and give back, So he excuses himself by staying in his childhood bedroom to…. (I think you already predicted the omitted one syllable word..)

Since he’s been single, and too anxious too mingle, He goes on TikTok, In his comfort zone “under a rock”, Since he knows he’ll inevitably get a .. okay I’ll “toxically say it”…


Who is he? Could be anybody..

Goodday 🙏

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