Sleep Deprivation Direction Questions

If I don’t sleep for too long, what will I hallucinate? If I don’t sleep, will my past conditioned fears and imaginations rise? If I don’t sleep, will medication prevent hallucination causing me to hallucinate as a side effect? If I don’t sleep.. will my intended emotion be judged out of context more than it already is since others (as far as I would guess) do not watch me 24/7 ? I’m trying to face fears in an ethical direction

As the title says.. I have a lot of “Sleep Deprivation Direction Questions”.. similar to my “fear of death” since whenever that happens, what’s to come next ? Will I ever again feel physical and emotional pain.. Whose control will I be under? Who will honestly judge and “correct” me most accurately ? For me it feels rough dealing with uncertainty,

I don’t know if I know the answers

One thought on “Sleep Deprivation Direction Questions

  1. Hi, Zach. When I lay down to sleep, I welcome not having to worry about anything — I just tell myself that I’ll deal with the frustrations tomorrow, when I’m refreshed by sleep. I tense my toes, then my legs, and imagine floating on a cloud, in that order and it works to send me off to refreshing sleep. I recommend that you try it. Of course, it helps to have taken a walk outside first, drank a glass of milk, and brushed my teeth before going to bed. Go through this routine the same every night if you can and it is calming.


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